More doping scandals in weightlifting

Drugs in the sport of weightlifting continue to dominate the headlines. Bulgaria had to replace its entire team after 11 athletes tested for steroids. Greece had 11 weightlifters suspended and will now just send 4 athletes to the Olympic Games.

The sport is now facing a serious image problem and some people have even called for it to be removed from the Olympic games.

“Weightlifting is a basic sport,” said Dobor Dezso, International Weightlifting Federation spokesman. “It was on the program for the very first games in Athens (in 1896). The scandals are very disappointing, but I don’t think it will result in weightlifting being taken off the program.”

Hossein Rezazadeh from Iran will be going for his third Olympic gold medal. Turkey’s Halil Mutlu will be going for his fourth.

The Chinese women’s team is expected to make a sweep of the medals.


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