Kungfu performers at opening ceremony didn’t get enought to eat

When I wrote the post yesterday on the fake minority children used at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, I said there has to be at least one more controversy to come. I didn’t have to wait for long.

A newspaper from Norway reports that the 2008 Kungfu performers at the opening ceremony, spent a year practicing for the event in a military camp outside of Beijing. They had to live in cramped conditions and weren’t given enough food.

“They weren’t even given enough food,” says their trainer.

After complaints were made, the situation improved a little.

“After repeated complaints they finally installed air-conditioning in the sleeping quarters. However, most of the equipment was so old that it didn’t work,” says one of the pupils.

Ther performers practiced up to 16 hours a day to strive for perfection.

“The test performance of the opening ceremony was worst of all. The pupils had to remain in the stadium for 51 hours. They were hardly fed. There was nowhere to sleep. Some managed to sleep on the seats, but they didn’t get more than a couple of hours at most,” says Liu.

Lucky for the performers though, they received an Olympic certificate to thank them for their effort, in lieu of a salary.

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