Kosuke Kitajima may retire after the Beijing Olympics

Kosuke Kitajima became the first Japanese swimmer to win gold medals in two events in successive Olympics, the men’s 100 and 200 meter breaststroke has hinted that he might now retire from swimming.

“I feel personally that it’s all over now. [The Beijing Olympics] is meant to be my last, and both my team and coach are pleased because I’ve achieved something,” Kitajima said after winning the 200-meter breaststroke Thursday.

Kitajima’s long-time coach, Norimasa Hirai, also said he might retire.

“I was watching the race, thinking that this might be the last time for Kosuke to swim 200 meters at full speed,” Hirai said tearfully after the race. “If everybody expects the same [from Kitajima] as before, it’ll be tough for him to continue. I can’t tell him to do that,” Hirai added.

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