Korean archers’ extra-sensitive fingers

Archery is said to be for South Korea as table tennis is for China. Korean women hold every world record in the outdoor recurve discipline as used in the Olympics.

South Korea has even made their training center a replica of the venue being used for the Beijing Olympics. Coaches make noise in the stands to try and break their concentration while training.

Such is the competition for making the Olympic team, that once they have been selected the archers feel as though some of the pressure is off.

Koreans also believe they have the “physiological, mental and spiritual traits that set them apart from the rest” and Korean women are also said to have heightened sensitivity in their fingers.

Athletes to watch: Kim Ha-Neul in the men’s individual and Park Sung Hyun in the women’s event. The Koreans are also going to be hard to beat in the men’s and women’s team event.

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