Justine Henin’s concern over Beijing’s air quality

World number 1 tennis champion, Justine Henin is concerned about the air quality for the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

She had to withdraw early from the China Open in Beijing because of her asthma.

“I have had asthma for a few months now and I felt very bad in New York at the end of the tournament so I was really concerned about Beijing,” the Belgian told a news conference in Madrid.

“I had to go back and see a specialist to start other treatments but I’m feeling better now. I was pretty disappointed because I wanted to play the tournament and get used to the conditions.”

“It’s true that Beijing is going to be tough at the Olympic Games with the problem I have but now it seems that everything is under control which is important because the Olympic Games are a very important goal for me in 2008,” she said.

Of course this will concern other Olympic athletes, but for tennis stars the Olympics are not as big event as their other tournaments. For other sports like swimming, athletics and gymnastics the Olympics are one of their most important events in athletes’ careers. Winning a medal in in the Olympics is a life long dream for most.

Beijing is doing it best to clean up the environment but the question is, will they be able to do enough in time. See an earlier article on the current pollution levels in Beijing.

Yesterday’s index was 186.

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