Hello from Team GB!

Well I am not actually in team GB, my short athletics career (school 1500m champion 1986/87) ended when I discovered cigarettes and alcohol back in the late 1980s, but my interest in the Olympic games and all things Track and Field has never wained!

I missed a lot of the Athens games of 2004 as I was somewhere where TV was not readily available. The first games that I remember was Moscow in 1980, eeek, and Briton Alan Wells becoming the only non-black winner of the 100m. No doubt America’s boycott had something to do with this! I wonder whether a white man will ever be the fastest sprinter again?

So back to Beijing and Team GB. No one is expecting the modest success of Athens but with London 2012 looming in the next decade it is important for the team to perform well in these games because the pressure will be immense in 4 years time!

So expect some random rants throughout the games from a stiff upper lipped armchair Olympian.

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