Grant Hackett to head to Malaysia to prepare for Olympics

Australian long distance swimming champion Grant Hackett, is planning to head to Malaysia from July 27th to attend a final training camp. Malaysia’s climate is similarly hot and humid to Beijing’s weather in August. He is also just hoping to escape the media spotlight as he makes his final preparations.

“We just want to get him away early,” Hackett’s coach Ian Pope said yesterday.

“For someone like Grant, certainly that last week before the Australian team leaves, he really needs to get away.

“We just need to focus on training and not worry about any other distractions.

“This was a chance where we could train in the warmer weather and get a bit more acclimatised towards that.

“It’s really just to get away so he can focus on training, warmer weather and his health and to get ready and make the whole transition a bit easier.”

Hackett is hoping to win this third gold medal in the 1500 meters.

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