Germans to swim without LZR racer swimsuits

German swimmers are worried they will be swimming at a disadvantage as they won’t be wearing the new high-tech Speedo LZR swimsuits at the Beijing Olympics.

Germany has a contract with Adidas to wear their clothing.

“The German swim federation has to seriously consider it, otherwise we will sink completely into mediocrity,” Thomas Rupprath, one of Germany’s top swimmers, said Saturday.

The swimsuit has many critics, saying the suit helps swimmers to stay buoyant in the water. Although FINA have ruled that the LZR racer suits are legal.

“I swim in Adidas and set my world record in the 100-meter freestyle in it two years ago,” Britta Steffen said. “With all this discussion, people shouldn’t forget the suit doesn’t swim alone. Inside is a person that has a good or bad day, and trained well or badly.

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