Gay cramps up and pulls out of 200 qualifiers

Bad luck can hit athletes at anytime which no amount of training can overcome. As Tyson Gay was accelerating in the 200 meter U.S. trials his left hamstring cramped up and he could not complete he the race.

Fortunately he has already qualified for the 100 meters, but will now have to miss out on the 200.

“There is no apparent damage otherwise, except for some road rash from the fall,” said Gay’s manager, Mark Wetmore. “He said he felt a little tightness before the race.”

“When he wakes up tomorrow, he’ll know,” said former decathlete Dan O’Brien, who famously missed the Olympics 16 years ago. “He’ll be able to stretch it out, he’ll be able to move it. If he can’t sit on the toilet tomorrow, he’s got problems.”

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