FINA rules LZR Racer suits are legal

Many swimming records are likely to be re-written at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with FINA ruling the new Speedo LZR Racers suits are legal.

The LZR Racer swimsuits have been used for 18 of the 19 world records that have been set since the suit was introduced in February.

“There is no scientific proof that it helps somehow, to the best of FINA’s knowledge,” FINA told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Italy’s head swimming coach Alberto Castagnetti opposes the new suits.

“This is going down a very dangerous road,” Castagnetti told the AP. “It removes the purely competitive aspect of the sport and puts outside factors into play. Swimming has always been based on ability. Now, there are other aspects. It’s like technological doping. It’s not in the spirit of the sport.”

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