Female athletes too sexy for Iranian television

Islamic law requires female Iranian athletes to cover their bodies, even while playing sports. Even though Iranian wear the appropriate clothing, other athletes do not, so female sports cannot be broadcast in Iran. For this year’s Olympics the state run television is trying to press the government to allow the broadcasting of women’s sports.

“They obey all the rules. They are allowed to take part in sports. So why shouldn’t they be shown on television?” Fatemeh Sepanji, a Tehran-based sports commentator asks. “Obviously they will be shown [on TV] all over the world [when they compete in the Olympics]. What is the point of showing them in one country and hiding them in another?”

Out of the 53 Iranian athletes who will compete in Beijing, just 3 are women. They will compete in rowing, archery, and taekwondo.

Iranian women Beijing Olympics

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persian - August 9, 2008 @ 5:55 pm

this is so bright. Every country has a rule for itself which make it not to do so many things that many other countries do. So if you read the complete name of iran you see : ISLAMIC republic of IRAN. iranian women(as you saw on first day of olympics) like to have this kind of dresses. cause their belifes tell them to not to show their body and even their hair to anybody.To save their own from eyes of many people who look at them like something else than a woman by keep themeselves in the borders of islam.
and about the television…when there is no one participated in some branches of olympic games from our country so there is no need to play it in our television. we do not have a sport channel and the channel which covers the games has many other programs to show. so the time tell them not to show things which is not important for our country and it may have no one to watch them.

Iranian - August 11, 2008 @ 7:08 pm

I’m an Iranian and i know that,Iranian girls and womans and also female athletes don’t agree with those dresses and government tell them what to do !and if they don’t obey of what that government said to them they will punish when they back to our country.
yes every country has a rule for itself but you should know we are not agree with that and you really think in first day of Olympics she was really happy to wearing something like that?If all of us agree with this type of dresses and it’s not a government and we want this, why they arrest to many woman just for they type of dresses!!??
When i saw it in this site,i felt sorry for my country, for our athletes!
we want to watch all matches of Olympic.and any person feels lusty and he can’t control his self when he watches female swimming must go to doctor and tell to doctor that he has sexual problems.

Peace and Freedom for all people around the world

jim - August 13, 2008 @ 2:13 am

iranian girls are too pretty…black hair,blue eyed,and tall …

iran - August 13, 2008 @ 3:04 am

what? “Iranian women like to have this kind of dresses”? Are you kidding me? and if you read the article, it said that even though Iranian women were participating in some of the events, Iranian television won’t broadcast it because of what the OTHER women are wearing. not because Iranians were’nt participating in the events. why doesn’t Iran want to promote the success of it’s people (including women) who are good enough to participate in the Olympics?! It makes no sense, just like the previous post. . .

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