China cancels live broadcasts from Tiananmen square

Broadcasters like NBC were planning to feature live footage from famous sites like Tiananmen Square in Beijing. They will have to look for alternative plans now, at least for Tiananmen Square where the Chinese government have banned broadcasters from filming live.

“Tiananmen is the face of China, the face of Beijing, so many broadcasters would like to do live or recorded coverage of the square,” said Yosuke Fujiwara, the head of broadcast relations for Beijing Olympic Broadcasting, a joint venture between Beijing Olympic organizers and an Olympic committee subsidiary.

Tiananmen Square is the largest city squares in the world and has staged a number of important events throughout Chinese history.

Tiananmen Square broadcasts

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[...] month China announced that they wouldn’t allow live broadcasting from Tiananmen Square during the [...]

[...] which has irked broadcasters is that they are unable to broadcast live from Beijing’s icon Tiananmen Square. “For us to potentially not be able to do live reports from Tiananmen — the most iconic [...]

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