Jon Stewart from the Daily Show on the Olympics

There is no doubt the Olympics are a serious affair, even more so in China. Jon Stewart from the Daily Show looks at some of the controversies at the Olympic games, including the lip-syncing controversy from the opening ceremony, where he says - “imagine your government got together and decided that you weren’t cute.”.
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YouTube announced earlier that it would stream video live of the Beijing Olympics, but it was limited to countries that did not have any broadcast rights, thus excluding most of the western world.
Fortunately, YouTube has set up another Olympic channel for users world wide called: Summer Games. It will have a collection of videos [...]

Here is a short video from AP:

A satirical look at the Beijing Olympics by the Onion. Watch out for the trap if you are going to the Olympics!

Everything has a way of eventually finding its way onto YouTube - including a practice run of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, which is suppose to be a huge secret. It was recorded by a South Korean news crew. Chinese Olympic organizers are not going to be happy.
Update: For copyright reasons, [...]

I wrote a post that there was a bit of trouble on Friday as Beijing residents tried to buy Olympic tickets in the final round of sales. I didn’t realize that there were scenes of violence as this video on YouTube shows.

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