International Paralympic torch relay cancelled

The international legs of the Paralympic torch relay have been cancelled. The plan was to pass through the future Olympic host cities including Vancouver and London.
“Those changes have been made to afford the Chinese government to focus on the rescue and relief work and show support for the people affected by the earthquake, especially [...]

10 years ago

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The organizing committee for the Beijing Olympics has issued an apology over the guide it created to help volunteers to deal with disabled athletes.
The statement reads:
In the Beijing Olympics Volunteer Manual published by BOCOG, some mistakes were made in describing people with disabilities. This manual has been met by criticism from organizations of persons with [...]

A guide produced by Olympic organizers for volunteers is set to bring outrage to the international disable community. The guide contains language that is patronizing and shows how out of touch China is with dealing with disabled people.
The guide explains not to call Paralympians or disabled spectators “crippled” or “lame”, even if they are [...]

Despite the turmoil the country is in Iraq has managed to qualify one team in the Beijing Paralympics. The Iraqi volleyball team is hoping to emulate disable Iraqi weightlifter Faris Saadoun who won a gold medal in Athens in 2004.
“The thirst for a challenge has helped us to do what able-bodied Iraqi athletes have [...]

BOCOG have released the Olympic uniforms of the volunteers, staff and technical officials for the Beijing Olympics.
The blue uniform is used to symbolize peace, red for peace and happiness and grey for technical staff to represent serenity and calm.


The medals for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games’ medals have been unveiled. BHP Billiton is sponsoring the medals and they have a similar appearance to the 2008 Beijing Games.
White jade is being used for the gold medal, grey-white jade for the silver medal and grey jade for the bronze medal.
See the Xinhua [...]