Bryan Clay, Trey Hardee and Tom Pappas qualify in decathlon

Bryan Clay, Trey Hardee and Tom Pappas from the United States have all qualified to compete in the decathlon at the Beijing Olympics.

Bryan Clay finished with a silver at the 2004 Athens Games.

“Like I was saying (Saturday), we started out very well in the 100,” Clay said. “It was a decathlon PR for me and then it just went to the crapper after that. Long jump and shot put were actually terrible. I started out in the high jump almost as bad as I did in the long and the shot, but we pulled it together. I have a team of coaches here that are in my face and they just don’t let it go. If I didn’t have my support system here, I think this would have been a very bad decathlon for me.”

“Anything is possible,” Pappas said of the U.S. medal possibilities. “It’s going to be hard [to sweep] because there are a lot of good guys out there. But, Trey is hard to beat, Bryan is the guy to beat, and I feel like I still have a PR in me. If we put it all together, anything is possible.”


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