British swimmer Tom Haffield not afraid of Michael Phelps

British swimmer, Tom Haffield says he is not afraid to swim against Olympic champion Michael Phelps in the 400 meter individual medley.

Tom Haffield set the British and Commonwealth record in April this year.

“[Phelps] has earned every bit of the big sponsorship and financial backing he receives because the Olympic golds he has won were down to his ability and hard work,” insists Haffield. “I don’t feel any envy over the hype he receives at all.

“I have plenty of respect for Michael Phelps and what he has achieved, but I’m not afraid to get in the pool and race him. Everyone is beatable, be it today, tomorrow or in four years’ time. My first aim is to get into the final. Once you’re there, anything can happen.”

“For the amount of work you put in, most swimmers except for the likes of Michael Phelps don’t really get the rewards, but something like this is fantastic, especially for my parents who have put in a lot of work, time and money. They are flying out to Beijing as well, which will be great, as long as my mother doesn’t scream too loudly!

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