Britain’s athletes pose nude for ad campaign

Yesterday I wrote about Rebecca Romero and how she made a successful switch from rowing to cycling. She is in the news again for advertising campaign for Powerade, where she posed naked.

If a female athlete is looking for extra publicity, posing nude or semi-nude is probably the quickest way to go from obscurity to instant recognition. It worked well for Amanda Beard and Australia’s Stepahie Rice.

Rebecca Romero Nude naked pictures


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wes davis - August 13, 2008 @ 6:03 pm

Amanda Beard and Stephanie Rice were in obscurity??
Obviously you don’t follow sport. Amanda Beard has been one of the USA’s top swimmers for years and well know throughout power swimming countries like USA and Australia. Amanda has basically been semi retired since 2007 and is trying to forge a career outside sport.

Stephanie Rice’s pics you refer to were very conservative bikini shots with fellow Australian swimmer and boyfriend Eamon Sullivan and were part of a two year old deal with a company in Australia.

Both girls are are absolute stunners and good luck to them in whatever they do. If Powerade want to pay Rebecca or Amanda or Steph megabucks to do these ads well that’s fine because they only have a small window of time to get the best $$$ they can.

Stephanie Rice can not walk around in a track suit and make megabucks since winning 2 Gold in Beijing.
Recent days reports in Australia and USA have put conservatively $2 mill for Rice after Beijing.

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