Big Mac diet for Canadian archer

Anyone making the Olympics team is highly skilled in their Olympic sport. Most athletes are extremely fit and have strict dietary requirements. For some sports however, a strict diet is not so important.

Jay Lyon from Canada is competing for his country in the Archery.

“I’m not much of an athlete, I eat a lot of McDonalds,” said the 22 -year-old on Tuesday. “I’m probably overweight for an athlete.”

He is confident he will do well after getting used to Beijing’s heat.

“I finally pulled my head out of my rear. It took a while to adjust to the heat—I’m from Canada, it’s practically still winter there, people are still ice skating.”

Fortunately for Jay, McDonalds is an Olympic sponsor, but I am not sure if they have a restaurant set up in the Olympic village.


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Sim - August 15, 2008 @ 5:19 am

This Article is totally BS!! i’m from where is he from and first of all its not winter here right now, its summer out, not a sign of snow and 2nd who ever wrote this Article is a fuckin idiot.

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