Beijing haze getting inside swimming center

This weeks hasn’t been a good week for the air in Beijing. It has been hazy all week and Thursday’s prediction of rain just never came. With some luck it could rain tonight, but it didn’t feel that way when I was out earlier.

Some United States and Australian swimmers have reported seeing haze even inside the Swimming Center or Water Cube.

“[Monday,] they said it was the worst it’s been,” Erik Vendt, a member of the American 800-meter freestyle relay team, said yesterday. “It was horrible. It was almost laughable, it was so bad. I came into [the Aquatics Center] and I didn’t know if it was my eyes, but I definitely saw something. It was definitely hazy in here.”

Some swimmers including Grant Hackett however, have said it is not a problem.

“If people start coughing and sputtering all over the place, it will be an issue, but hopefully not,” Hackett said.

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