Asafa Powell wants drug cheats to go to jail

Former holder of the 100 meters record, Asafa Powell said he wants drug cheats to go to jail. I am not sure whether jail is the answer, but a two year ban from competing doesn’t seem to be a big enough deterrent.

“Drugs have been in the sport since before I was born and I can’t change it. I do not know what a drug looks like, what it tastes like, or how you feel when you take it.

“But athletes who take drugs know it is illegal and they are competing against other athletes who are working very hard.

“They are pretty much robbing the other athletes and if I go out there and someone comes out and they are taking drugs and they win the gold, they are robbing me of my gold medal.

“When people do things like that, they should be punished. Two years out of the sport and then they come back. It is pretty easy.

“They should be given the impression that they could go to jail if they use drugs. It would really let them know that we are serious about this.”

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Posted by Mike 10 years ago

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