Day 16: August 24th 2008

To the athletes tonight: You were true role models. You have shown us the unifying power of sport. The Olympic spirit lives in the warm embrace of competitive rivals from nations in conflict. Keep that spirit alive when you return home. These were truly exceptional Games!
(Source: Dr Jacques Rogge, Chairman of the International Olympic [...]

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Other Headlines

The fireworks are still going on over Beijing tonight as the Olympics comes to a close. The closing ceremony wasn’t as long as the first one and not as spectacular, but still very well done.
We had a short section to mark the handover of the Olympics from Beijing to London. London’s mayor [...]

The closing ceremony has gotten under away. The introduction was interesting, perhaps people will say it is a little “North Korean’esque”. The athletes are entering the stadium and I can only imagine the thrill it must be to be able to walk into the stadium at the end of the games. [...]

France has won the gold medal in men’s handball, defeating Iceland in the final.
Spain beat Croatia for the bronze medal.

The United States ‘redeem team’ have certainly redeemed themselves at the Beijing Olympics, not losing a single game and defeating Spain 118-107 in the final to win the gold medal.
The bronze medal was won by Argentina, who defeated Lithuania 87-75.

Hungary has defeated the United States to win the gold medal in men’s water polo.
Serbia beat Montenegro 6-4 to win the bronze medal.

Roberto Cammarelle from Italy has defeated China’s Zhilei Zhang to win the gold medal in boxing’s super heavy weight division.
David Price from Great Britain and Vyacheslav Glazkov of Ukraine won bronze medals.