Supporting the smaller nations at Beijing 2008

First of all I would like to thank the 2008 Beijing Olympic Blog for allowing me to post my thoughts on the 29th Games of the Modern Olympiad. I have been interested in the Olympic Games since the Seoul Olympics of 1988 (when I woke up at 2.00am British time to specfically watch the opening [...]

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Other Headlines

Argentina had a fairly easy win over Serbia tonight in the Diamond Ball 2008 tournament, currently being played in Nanjing.
The final score: 75-60.

The swimmers from New Zealand are accepting messages via a form on the web site of New Zealand Swimming.
I sent a message to  the team to swim fast.
The New Zealand swimmers are well coached, but the team isn’t able to pull from a population base as large as Australia. The most famous sports team [...]

With just a week to go before the Olympics, Australia’s David and Victoria Beckham - Eamon Sullivan and Stephanie Rice have announced their break up on the social networking site Facebook.
Stephanie Rice was in the media earlier this year for posting raunchy photos of herself dressed in police gear on her Facebook website. The [...]

The story that Beijing will have gender testing at the Olympics received media attention around the world, with many people asking if it is really necessary. The Guardian looked into five athletes who had their gender questions at a sporting competition.
The article does note: “Transsexuals, who have had a sex change from male to [...]

The new high speed bullet train connecting Beijing with Tianjin will open tomorrow. The trip which usually takes two hours will be cut down to 30 minutes.
The trains were the first of its kind to be designed and built in China. Tianjin will host 12 Olympic soccer matches, so the new line will [...]

Australia defeated Angola in the dying seconds of the match 81-78 in the Diamond Ball basketball tournament currently being played in Nanjing.
Scores were level at 78-all before Australia scored a 3-pointer to win the game with just seconds to go.