Olympic ticket outrage in Britain

Britain is enjoying its recent success at the World Track Championships in Manchester, where they won nine gold and two silver medals. They are now looking to continue their success at the Beijing Olympics. For cycling fans, the news is not so good - no British fans have been allocated tickets at the [...]

11 years ago

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Australian Olympic swimming hopeful Nick D’Arcy has been charged with assault and grevious bodily harm. D’Arcy got in a fight in a bar with swimmer Simon Cowley who was left with a broken nose and jaw.
D’Arcy turned himself into police. He was released on bail and is likely to be expelled from the [...]

I woke up early and biked it down to Tiananmen Square. I had it in my mind that I would just park my bike somewhere and wander over to Tiananmen Square to watch the ceremony. There was no chance of this happening, unless I was willing to get arrested. The security within [...]

Just as Vancouver battles over a decision to allow brothels at the Olympics, Beijing is closing them down, in a massive clean up of the city.
Prostitution is illegal in China, but “massage” and barber shops that offer more than a hair cut, can be found throughout the city. Many of the sex workers come [...]

Australian swimmer Nick D’Arcy has allegedly been involved in a bar fight with former swimming champion Simon Cowley. The incident took place at a bar in Sydney’s King Street wharf area.
“We can confirm the Rocks (police) are investigating a serious assault at a bar in the Kings Street Wharf area this morning [...]

Rebecca Romero has a remarkable story and has proved herself as a true athlete. For 10 years she was a rower, winning a silver at the Olympics and gold at the world championships. Even though she was sure to win a medal at the Beijing Olympics, her heart wasn’t in the sport.
“Even if [...]

It was a nicer day in Beijing today after a few days of gray skies and some rain. I went to Tiananmen Square in the afternoon to see the preparations for tomorrow’s torch welcome ceremony. There haven’t been many details published on the official website about the ceremony. The chairs were all [...]