Nightclub area in Beijing to be closed for the Olympics - Hooters to stay open

Several nightclubs and restaurants located in the Workers Stadium area are to be closed while the Beijing Olympics are on.
Mix, Vics and the popular pizza restaurant Kro’s nest are amongst some of the places to be closed. Since the places are located just outside of an Olympic Stadium, the closure is not to much [...]

11 years ago

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Beijing new massive terminal 3 opens today crossing off another major milestone in Beijing’s preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games.
Here are some statistics on the new airport:
- built at a cost of around $2.8 billion
- built by 50,000 workers over a period of 4 years
- capacity increased from 35 million to 85 million [...]

Australian triple gold medallist Jodie Henry won’t be competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She is suffering from a pelvic injury that will prevent her from competing in the Olympic trials to be held in Sydney next month.
“Basically it’s an imbalance in my muscles around my pelvic area which means that every time I [...]

British director Daryl Goodrich was one of five international directors who created a short film on the Beijing Olympics.
His short movie is titled, “The Faith of Beijing” where he got the inspiration from a magazine article written in China 100 years ago.
“The article expresses three questions: when will China send an athlete to the Olympic [...]

For Wu Jingyu every day is a an “Olympic day”.
“I regard every day as the Olympic day. I trained very hard since last year and I felt like competing in the Olympics everyday,” said Wu Jingyu.
She won a gold medal in women’s 49 kilogram class in a warm-up event for the Beijing Olympics.
“I am trying [...]

Where would a major event like the Olympics be without a sex scandal hitting the headlines?
The scandal started when singer-actor Edison Chen from Hong Kong took his pink MacBook laptop in for repair. He had stored nude photos of him and twins singer Gillian Chung and several other Hong Kong celebrities. [...]

An article in the New York Times on accommodation and tickets for the Beijing Olympics says, “Unlike the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, a city easily accessible from Milan by high-speed train, Beijing isn‚Äôt easily reached from other cities that could serve as an alternate base.”
Well what about Tianjin as an alternative base to [...]