No rain for the Olympics

Beijing Olympic Organizers have announced that they will be doing what they can to control the weather. Their biggest concern is the opening ceremony on August the 8th.
“Our team is trained. Our preparations are complete,” declared Wang Jianjie, a spokeswoman from the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, addressing a news conference at the headquarters of the [...]

11 years ago

Other Headlines

Despite Prince Charles recently announcing that he wouldn’t be attending the Olympic Games, Norway’s Royal family has no plans to cancel their trip to Beijing to watch the Olympics.
“The Royal Highnesses, the King and Queen, and the Crown Prince will represent Norway at the Olympic Games in Beijing, but the programme is not set yet,” [...]

The director of the FBI Robert Mueller on a three-day visit to Beijing said he was impressed with the preparations by the police and China’s security organizations.
Mueller told reporters that he “was impressed by the thoroughness of the preparations and the professionalism that is being put in to provide security for the games.”
“Both countries face [...]

David Armstrong asks, “Will the country win gold for its Summer Games transportation upgrades?”
The answer seems to be: Yes. China in general and Beijing in particular are hurrying to finish a far-reaching overhaul and expansion of the aviation system in time for the Games, which run from Aug. 8 through Aug. 24. To date, China [...]

After initially denying anyone had died in the construction of the Olympic stadiums officials have now acknowledged that six people have died in the construction of the stadiums for the Beijing Olympics.
“We have properly compensated the families, reported the accidents to the construction community and seriously punished those responsible,” Ding Zhenkuan, deputy chief [...]

Official Olympic sponsors, Volkswagen have released their “Olympics car”. In the sponsorship deal Volkswagen will supply all of the cars needed for transport for the Olympics.


Earlier this month I wrote here that the Swiss team has withdrawn from the equestrian events for the Beijing Olympics.
Chinese Olympic organizers are now saying that they have not received any news of teams pulling out of the Beijing Olympics.
“We have heard of no team pulling out,” said Li Zhanjun, media director for [...]