Second set of coins to go on sale

A new set of gold and silver coins have gone on sale to commemorate the Beijing Olympics.
The coins can be bought from here:

11 years ago

Other Headlines

In what sounds more like an April Fool’s joke, China has announced that it plans to build a highway to Mount Everest to help bearers of the Olympic torch.
The audacious — and controversial — plan, announced on Tuesday, is intended to “ease the path” of the bearers of the Olympic torch ahead of next year’s [...]

Rehearsals for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics are set to kick off this August.
“Everything is going on smoothly and we surely will have a wonderful opening ceremony as well as a good closing ceremony,” Jiang Xiaoyu, executive vice president of the Beijing organizing committee, said Tuesday.

Child labor claims

11 years ago

Several newspapers are claiming that Olympic merchandise is being made by child labor and workers being paid just 20 cents for a 15 hour day.