Cost of Olympics will not exceed Athens

Beijing Olympic organizers have stated that the cost of running the 2008 Beijing Olympics will not exceed that of Athens. Athens spent $12 billion - double than what they originally budgeted for.
“I don’t have an exact number for you, but I can say that our investments in the Olympics Games next year will not [...]

12 years ago

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The organizers of the equestrian even are having a competition to design a unique jumping fence.
First prize for the competition is HK$10,000, second HK$8000 and third place HK$5000.
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Organizers are planning to conduct 4,500 doping tests during the Olympic Games, 1000 more than the 2004 Athens Games.
“As part of its zero-tolerance approach to fighting doping, the International Olympic Committee has decided to increase the number of tests by a large amount,” organising committee executive vice-president Yang Shu’an was quoted as saying.

China is doing whatever they can to make sure they win gold at the Beijing Olympics. One of their strategies is hiring foreign coaches.
Some of their foreign coaches include
Basketball - Lithuanian
Hockey - South Korean
Syncronized swimming - Japanese
Women’s softball - American
Bastian, who coached in the defunct U.S. Women’s Professional Softball League, says he is well [...]

Toilet upgrades

12 years ago

Beijing is working on major toilet upgrades across the city in preparation for the 2008 Olympics. The plan is to have a public toilet available within a five minute walk.

Former table tennis champion Deng Yaping has been appointed deputy director of the management of the Olympic Village for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Deng has a lot experience in international competitions and speaks English fluently.

North Korea is planning to compete in 100 disciplines in 20 different sports in the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing, “to please the people and our leader Kim Jong-il,” the president of the (North) Korea Olympic Committee said.