Suggestion to move starting time of Olympic Games

The Globe and Mail suggests that the timing of the Beijing Olympics is going to be too hot and humid.
September might have been a better option, for example. Temperatures are lower and the sky clearer in what the Chinese call their “golden autumn.”

12 years ago

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Mice are going to be used to test food and drinks for poisoning a day before it is given to Olympic athletes.
“Milk, alcohol, salad, rice, oil, salt and seasonings will be tested by white mice 24 hours before they are used in cooking or served to athletes,” Zhao Xinsheng, of the Beijing municipal health inspection [...]

CScout reports that the Beijing Olympic stadium will be open by the end of this year to tourists.
Among all the competition venues which are allowed to visit, the nest-like National Stadium and the National Aquatics, known as the ìwater cubeî, will be the most attractive ones concerned by both foreign and domestic tourists.

The ability of NBC to persuade Beijing Olympic organizers to show the swimming and gymnastics’ events during prime time, has given them the ability to renegotiate contracts with its advertisers.
They are also planning to stream the events live onto the internet.
“Blue-chip Olympic sponsorship packages cost between $80 million and $100 million”