Ticketmaster to supply Olympic tickets

Tickmaster has won the rights to sell tickets at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
“We thought the best way to enter China would be through working with the Olympics,” Ticketmaster Chief Executive Terry Barnes told Reuters.
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12 years ago

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To keep in line with US television viewers, the swimming and gymnastic finals will be held in the morning.
“The only thing that gets me cranky is that (the IOC) have made the decision for commercial reasons, not for the good of the sport,” Australian coach Alan Thompson said.

The organizing committee is considering shutting down Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games.
The Australian International Olympic Committee member Kevan Gosper says Beijing is prepared to force private cars and trucks off the road and shut down industry, if that’s what it takes to cut pollution during the 2008 Games.

Beijing is tightening an ever increasing Olympic Game budget.

There is an ‘unprecented’ media interest in the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games.
“For the United States, we probably have three to four times the amount of accreditation applications than we have,” said Robert Condron, director of media services of the US Olympic Committee, while attending the First Press Briefing on the 2008 Olympic Games that ended [...]