Volunteer recruitment drive kicks off

Beijing is looking for 100,000 volunteers for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
“The volunteer recruitment, in line with the agenda of the IOC and BOCOG, is an important task in the preparation for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games,” the International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said at the launching ceremony.

12 years ago

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A group of ballet dancers from Montan will perform at a number of cultural events throughout the Beijing Games.
The group, which will consist of 12 to 15 of the best dancers from the local troupe, will perform at several cultural events at the Olympics, said Charlene Campbell, co-director of the group.

The 2008 Beijing Games is planned to be broadcast via mobile phones.
“A satellite system will be activated in the first half of 2008 so that the Olympic Games can be broadcast to mobile-phone users across the country. ”

The Chinese government has launched a campaign to try and improve the “civility” of its citizens. Parks were recently opened up with free entrance only to be used for places to have an afternoon snooze by Chinese men.
Several foreign visitors left Ritan Park disappointed on Sunday afternoon because they could not find a place [...]

Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-Shing has donated US$12.8 to the Olympic Games.
“What we received is not just money but more importantly the patriotism of Mr. Li and his support for the Olympics,” the South China Morning Post quoted Liu Qi, Beijing’s top Communist Party official, as saying.

It has gone on now to the two year mark until the Beijing Olympic Games. There are still many problems including the environment and traffic issues to be resolved.
“The problems that exist in Beijing, such as traffic jams and environmental pollution, are things we have to solve, whether we are hosting the Olympics or [...]

To satify American audiences many Olympic events are set to be held in the morning (Beijing time).
“This is so unfair on Chinese fans and athletes and is simply satisfying American television audiences,” a source said.