The Olympics and Taiwan

It is a shame that the Beijing Olympic Games can’t bring Taiwan and China closer together politically.
A recent poll was conducted in Taiwan asking people how they thought the Olympics would impact China and Taiwan relations.
According to the telephone poll of 812 adults, some Taiwanese worry that Taiwan will become more isolated because [...]

12 years ago

Other Headlines

US swimmer Michael Phelps and his coach are starting to see the benefits of morning finals. Australia is strictly against US calls for the finals to be held in the morning.
“I’m looking forward to it,” Phelps said. “It’s the Olympic Games. My feeling is, if you can’t get up for the finals at 10 [...]

China came away winning all 10 of the gold medals at the recent Diving World Cup.
A couple of big names were not in attendance, but the results show China is going to be a force to be reckoned with at the Beijing Olympics.

Chinese Olympic organizers where showing off their progress in the construction of the Olympic stadiums to foreign reporters.
Some 2000 laborers are working around the clock to get the main stadium complete by the end of next year.

Spotlight on China

12 years ago

The Beijing Olympics are going to put a huge spotlight on China. They are trying to show off their economic development at the same time as showing the world what they are doing to protect the environment and improve human right’s issues.
Sydney is widely regarded as the only “green” games, which Chinese [...]

Chinese director of the opening ceremony Zhang Yimou, plans on showing a different side to Chinese culture, than what is usually presented.
Zhang says the ceremonies will show international solidarity as well as Chinese characteristics, and that Hollywood director Steven Spielberg _ one of a team of international consultants _ wants to be more than just [...]