Chinese cuisine for athletes

Chinese organizers are planning a special Chinese menu for athletes. One wonders what people will eat if Chinese food is not their thing.

12 years ago

Other Headlines

At least while the Olympic games are taking place Beijing will attempt to stop dirty industries from operating.
It will take measures to contain traffic volume, suspend construction and spraying painting, fully clean or replace petrol fume cleansing settings, and also reduce pollutant emission in surrounding regions.

The International Softball Federation Women’s Softball World Championships, will be held this August at Fengtai Softball Field, Beijing.
“The softball world championships this time will not just be a sports competition, but a test event for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,” said Jiang Xiuyun, vice-president of the Chinese Softball Association.

US television network NBC, is pressuring the IOC to hold the swimming finals in the morning, so they can be shown live on US prime time TV.
Swimming officials in other countries are not happy with the proposal.
“It just doesn’t make any sense and if the finals are held in the morning, it will put us [...]

Hotels in Beijing have been given permission to raise their prices more than 50 per cent during the Olympic Games.
Tourists can expect to pay $353 for a standard room at a five-star hotel during the Games, according to the pricing schedule that was published in Beijing’s The First newspaper.

Predictions are starting to be made as to how much income the Beijing Olympics will bring in.
“The four-year cycle embracing the winter games in Torino and summer games in Beijing is expected to generate a record $5bn (£2.7bn), compared with $3.7bn in the lead-up to Sydney in 2000, and just $2.6bn ahead of [...]

Reuters reports that Beijing is one of the driest cities in the world and that if something isn’t done to the problem they could face water shortages.
One way the city is trying to save water is by installing more efficient toilets.
“This toilet saves water,” said Zheng Qing Zhan, manager of Kuge bathroomware. “Most modern toilets [...]