800 days to go

Today marks the 800 day to go mark until the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
The number 8 in Chinese culture is considered to be very lucky. The Olympic Games will actually start on the 8th of August at 8 pm.

12 years ago

Other Headlines

China is preparing to ban smoking at the Beijing Olympics. In a country where smoking is prolific this is no easy task.
“Considering the country`s smoking population of 350 million, Zhang warned that China faces many obstacles in meeting its goal.”

Quincy Jones is offering his hand to compose a theme for the Beijing Olympics. He said in a press conference that he has a love of Chinese culture.
“To work on a theme for the Games is an honor and a sense of success, he told Chinese and foreign media.”
He will be joining a competition [...]

Beijing is building an additional 110 hotels in preparation for the Beijing Olympics.
They currently have 658 hotels.

Australia is preparing a record sized team for the Beijing Olympics.
The team is to have 496 athletes.

China is trying to do everything for the Olympic Games in 2008. Recently they have been having problelms in Beijing with pollution.
The city does suffer the usual big Asian city problems of pollution, but the bigger problem is the sandstorms it suffers from the distant Gobi desert.

It seems like they are moving towards [...]

China is planning to ’shroud’ the city in greenery and flowers for the Beijing Games.
Scientists and technicians with the Beijing Gardening and Forestation Bureau said they have developed ways to enable flowers to stay in bloom longer.
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