Commonwealth Games finishes in Melbourne

The Commonwealthy Games has finally come to a close. Athletes are hoping to use the games as a stepping stone to the 2008 Games in Beijing in just 2 years time.
Some of these may not reach their competitive peak in time for the Beijing Olympics, and some may fall by the wayside, but history [...]

13 years ago

Other Headlines

Legendary Australian swimmer has said that he plans to quit swimming after the Beijing Olympics.
Thorpe told the Herald Sun Thursday that his chances of swimming in London Olympics was “about 100,000 to one”.

Ex-president of the IOC Juan Antonio Samaranch has suggested to Chinese organizers to keep the opening ceremony to under 2.5 hours.

A report by AP talks about how important it will be for the Beijing public to show good manners to international visitors during the Olympic games.
“People are talking about showcasing our culture and the country’s economic power through the extravaganza, but I think good manners should be put at the top of our agenda,” He [...]

Eight young Chinese have set off on an 800 day journey to promote the Beijing Olympic Games.
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China has announced that it will be recruiting an additional 2000 police to bolster security for the Beijing Games.

“Beijing suffers a serious deficiency in police back-up. The additional recruitment has official ratification and will help ensure security during the Olympics,” Qiang Wei, a deputy to China’s parliament, was quoted as saying.

It is not well known but China will be running a dress rehearsal for the Beijing Olympics in Shanghai during 2007.
Listen here to a report on the special Olympics with George Smith, the Senior Vice President of the Special Olympics.