From Beijing to Turin

As the 2006 winter games has drawn to a close, excite is starting to build for the next summer Olympics in Beijing 2008.
The Chicago Sports has an interesting description of the upcoming event:
“After the less than thrilling winter Olympics staged in a country familiar to millions of Americans, the Beijing games promise all [...]

13 years ago

Other Headlines

China is putting all of its efforts into both organizing the best Olympic games and assembling the best team.
It’s successes in Turino are showing that the country is developing strongly in International meets.
China is directing seemingly limitless resources to organizing the best Games ever and to fielding the best Summer Olympics team ever. [...]

Crackdown for US team

13 years ago

US Olympic sport’s organizers are planning on enforcing athletes to behave better, after a couple of incidents in Turin have reflected bad on the team.
“This team has a taken a hit in terms of its comportment here in Italy because of a couple of incidents involving some high-profile athletes,” Jim Scherr, chief executive officer of [...]

Chinese coach Sun Haiping, is confident that Liu Xian can break the world record for the men’s 100 meter hurdles.
Liu scored a gold medal at the Athens Games in 2004.
“We have achieved our scheduled objectives in the winter training and Liu has laid a solid foundation for a more difficult 2007.
“We will [...]

Beijing Olympic organizers are planning to install a high-tech facial recognition system at several venues.
The system would have the potential to detect known hooligans, terrorists and other criminal elements.

Prescott described the structure as a “real challenge” for architecture. “I look forward to seeing it when it is completed,” he added

Chinese officials are hoping Wang Zhizhi, who is currently playing for Miami Heat will play for the Chinese team. In the past, the Chinese Basketball asssociation has had trouble encouraging him to play for the Chinese national team.
Wang needs to “take practical action to change his mistakes and make a contribution to the [...]