Adidas becomes major Olympic sponsor

Adidas has become the latest Beijing Olympic sponsor. The company is betting that the games will be its big break into the massive Chinese sports market.
The cost? Around $80 to $100 million according to this article.

13 years ago

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“China and Japan’s markets are doing very nicely and yes, Beijing 2008 is a factor we hope also to benefit from,” said Mayumi Imai of Japan Airlines International.
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Xinhua news have posted a list of the top 10 news stories for Beijing Olympics in 2005.
One of my personal favourites is:
“The Chinese capital saw 230 days with clear sky last year. “

China receives assistance from former Olympic hosting countries: Sydney and Athens.
Greece spent a record 1.5 billion US dollars on security for the 2004 Olympics, the first summer games since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. The Greeks also received regular security advice from several countries, including the United States and Britain. Besides security [...]

Wind power projects

13 years ago

German an Chinese companies are investing around US$60 million dollars in a new wind farm in Qindao.
Qindao will be hosting the sailing events of the Beijing Olympic Games.
Qindao has been home to German in the past. It was Germany that helped setup the first beer factory in China, in Qindao. It [...]

“The designs for the Beijing Olympic medals should highlight the themes of ‘glory and dream’ and ‘faster, higher and stronger’,” Zhang Ming, deputy director of BOCOG’s Culture and Ceremonies Department, said at the press conference. “The medals should be the material vehicles to disseminate the Olympic ideals and the concepts of the Beijing Games, [...]

“Business opportunities will probably grow in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics,” a respondent in the services sector said. Japanese direct investment in China totalled 490.9 billion yen ($4.23 billion) in the year that ended in March 2005, up 38 per cent from the previous year.”
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