Olympics spurs job growth in Beijing

It is expected that the Olmpics will bring in an additional 1.82 million jobs to the city.
Most of the jobs will be in construction, but of course there will be numerous vacancies for tourism related work.

13 years ago

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Chinese auditors have begun auditing the spending on the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
China has had problems in the past with several officials recently been arrested for misappropriating government funds.
With the world watching China as they prepare the games, officials will be trying their best to ensure a clean, fair games both ecnomically [...]

Building on the national stadium is still going strong through the icy cold winter months in Beijing.
Speaking at a media conference on Tuesday, the spokesperson of the Project Construction Headquarters said that “the principal concrete structure of national stadium has been completed as regards to the roof in the mid of November and [...]

“We will not unveil the tickets sales scheme until early next year,” said Liu Jingmin, vice mayor of Beijing and vice executive president of the Games’ organizing committee.
“Except for those reserved for the Olympic family, most of the tickets will be sold on the market. Foreign spectators in 202 countries and regions worldwide can [...]

With less than three years away from the Beijing Olympic Games, the quadrennial sports meet, billed as China’s mini-Olympics, is widely regarded as a rehearsal of the Beijing Olympics.
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China is preparing to roll out 3G networks by the start of the 2008 Beijing Games.
It seems like the government has bigger plans for promoting China than just sports in the lead up to the Olympic Games in Beijing.
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Unlike previous Olympic games venue construction is on track in Beijing, and they were even once told to slow down by Olympic organizers.
Eleven new venues are being constructed, 11 venues to be renovated and 9 temporary venues to be set up for the games.
Beijing Olympics Work Picks Up Speed