Boeing releases Beijing Olympic Painted Planes


13 years ago

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The China National Games just ended on Sunday in Jiangsu Province were marred by a number of controversies including: doping, bad sportsmanship and biased judging.
The new stadiums that were constructed for the games were completed with a budget of one third of that of which will be spent on the 2008 Olympics in [...]

The Chinese men’s hockey qualified for the Beijing Olympics. Read more about it here:
Chinese men’s hockey qualifies for Beijing Olympics

Beijing Olympic Mascot

13 years ago

Guessing has started already on what the Olympic mascot is going to be. Some of the ideas include a giant panda or a Tibetan antelope. Another suggestion is the Chinese mythical The Monkey King.
The mascot will be announced on November 12th.

Xinhuanet reports that the goal of US$ 16 million profit should be achieved. All stadiums construction has started and are planned to be completed by 2007.
The article also reports that the official mascot will be released at the 1000 day to go mark in only 23 days!
Beijing Olympiad sure to make target profit [...]

Four other cities in China will assist with hosting of the Beijing Olympics. The cities are: Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenyang and Qinhuangdao.
The cities will be constructing new venues for the games which will help in the future development of sports in China.

There is a planned total of 31 venues that will be used for the Beijing Olympic Games - 11 will be new venues, another 11 are existing venues that will be revamped and another 9 will be of temporary construction.
The stadium for the opening and closing cermonies was designed by the Swiss [...]