10 facts about Michael Phelps

1. Listens to hip hop to get in the mood for a big race.

2. Eats eight fried eggs, eight slices of toast and a whole melon for breakfast.

3. Was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in November 2004.

4. To motivate himself for the 2004 Olympics he stitched the single word ‘Athens’ in his swimming cap.

5. He came from a broken home in Baltimore. His father Fred, a policeman, and his mother Debbie, a school teacher, separated when he was only seven.

6. Asked what he thought about Australia after coming back from Sydney he said it was ‘the same as America - except the people were nicer.’

7. Is a fan of Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Biggie (Smalls)

8. He has a street named after him in Baltimore “Michael Phelps Way”.

9. Was the youngest American male swimmer at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games in 68 years. He finished fifth in the 200 m Butterfly.

10. In an interview in 2004 Michael Phelps said he’d rather work on his car than go out with Nicole Kidman.

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