10 Amazing new buildings in China

With the Olympics just less than one year to go, China is on a building-spree in Beijing and Shanghai. They have invited a number of leading overseas architects to do the designs - with some controversial, but impressive results.

1. Beijing National Stadium

Beijing National Stadium Birds Nest

The Beijing National Stadium is the home for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games athletics and opening and closing ceremonies. It has been dubbed the ‘Bird’s Nest’ by local residents.

2. National Swimming Center

The National Swimming Center was built along environmentally friendly lines inline with the goals of the Beijing Olympics. The exterior is made from teflon, with solar energy being used to heat the pools. Pool water which is normally dumped as waste, will be re-used. Rainwater will be stored in tanks to fill the pools.

3. Beijing International Airport

Beijing International Aiport

The new terminal of the Beijing International Airport will make it one of the biggest in the world covering over 1 million square meters. In terms of passenger numbers, it will soon be in the top ten airports of the world, handling 43 million passengers a year initially and 55 million by 2015.

4. National Grand Theater

National Grand Theater

The new National Grand Theater built not far from Beijing’s historic Forbidden City, had been likened to a huge shimmering UFO. It is a 490,485 square-foot glass and titanium building that was built to be kept lower than the nearby National People’s Congress. It was designed by French architect Paul Andreu, known for Paris’s Terminal 2E building which collapsed and killed four people.

5. CCTV building Beijing

CCT building Beijing

The CCTV building with two towers leaning inwards has redefined thinking as to how skyscrapers can be built.

6. The Commune Building Beijing

Commune building Beijing

The Commune is built alongside the Great Wall of China. It comprises of 12 buildings designed by Asia’s leading architects with a budget of $1 million for each house. It is currently being run as a hotel.

7. Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai Financial Center

Located on former marshland, in the futuristic Pudong, Shanghai, the new skyscraper will become the world’s tallest building with 101 floors.

8. Linked Hybrid, Beijing

Hybrid Building Beijing

The Linked Hybrid building will house 2,500 Beijing residents in a mammoth 700 apartments. It will have the world’s largest geothermal heating and cooling systems, with water being pumped up from 100 meters below the earth.

9. Dongtan Eco City , Dongtan

Dongtan Eco City Dongtan

The complex will house 50,000 people and will be targeted for completion by the 2010 Shanghai Expo. It will be built along eco-friendly lines in terms of water usage, waste and renewable energy.

10. Donghai Bridge, Shanghai/Yangshan Island

Donghai Bridge

One of the world’s longest bridges crossing the sea, the Donghai Bridge connects Shanghai to Yangshan Island. It was built to the tune of $1.2 billion.

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mark - October 8, 2007 @ 6:20 pm

How the heck does china get all the money to finance these things?!?

… I guess everything I own *is* made in China…

William Vincent - October 8, 2007 @ 11:58 pm

“485-square-foot glass and titanium building”

So you’re saying that the new National Grand Theater is smaller than my living room?

Kidding! Typo! I know!

Just playin’…:) Nice post. Thanks:)

I still find it hard to fathom how many of these projects are “green” considering the country they’re in ranks as one of the worst polluters in the world.

david - October 9, 2007 @ 12:52 am

it’s interesting to see what a country can build when it is not dedicating its money to a war.

Left Behind - October 9, 2007 @ 2:05 am

Hoooooooooly moly.
Now that’s some nice architecture.

Ah, and then, the US will be able to be stepped over.

But the pollution thing, SRSLY needs to be handled world wide. It’d be better anyway.

Awesome ideas still! ^_^;

Preston - October 9, 2007 @ 5:40 am

Great list, but I think you may have overlooked the Pearl River Tower. It’s equally as impressive.

iGOR - October 9, 2007 @ 9:49 am

you’re not reading…it says 490,485 square-foot glass and titanium.

rajrohg - October 10, 2007 @ 3:57 pm

Amazing what China can use American money for. We might as well just give them our treasurey instead of taking in all of their crappy “Made in China” products.

anonymous - October 10, 2007 @ 11:57 pm

these are all pretty cool but the new buildings in dubai will still be larger than any of those… not that there will be enough people to fit into any of the giant things in dubai. In china i’m sure they could fill up any building they wanted to

JP - October 15, 2007 @ 6:09 pm

To all you idiots that are so impressed. You can build lots of impressive structures with slave labor.

carol clark - October 16, 2007 @ 12:37 am

These are some spectacular structures and sights. I know that the United States is paying for many of them because of the free trade law. They export to our country without paying a cent. Now, it is too expensive to send the shipping cartons back to China so the United State is selling them for some people to live in.
This is what we see but they are building weapons for war and nuclear bombs. We are paying for those too. Why? Because big business knows that it is cheaper to build factories there and labor is cheap there. There goes many American jobs.

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dkolar - April 25, 2008 @ 1:21 pm

look closely…most of these picutres are computer models. Do these buildings really exist in reality?

flotsam - May 7, 2008 @ 11:18 am

Almost every picture above is a computer image and some are still being planned [read the captions underneath] but others have now been completed and opened. They’re real enough, believe me.

hate this - May 11, 2008 @ 11:55 pm

for all these buildins heck a lot of land must have been snatched from peasents…huh…

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rajesh n - August 7, 2008 @ 11:10 pm


alijan - August 9, 2008 @ 4:05 am

china is the best nountry and has the best people i hope to be on the top world

Tabs - August 10, 2008 @ 3:20 am

After watching the Olympics last night I am proud and amazed at how much they have accomplished. I am inspired to changed exponentially by the opening ceremonies alone, I could not be more proud, I felt the pride of 1.3 billion people last night and I am a better person for it.


ptkrajesh - August 13, 2008 @ 4:39 am

verry nice excellent

red_dragon - August 14, 2008 @ 2:45 am

An economy based on export, sure enough will collapse soon…This is the era of humanity and spirituality while the cold blooded beings, stupid as they are, they are still building the dead metallic un-environmentally friendly structure to show off their greed and psychopath leaders.
When that sun burbs, you will be toasted for ever with your servants.

Khush Dil Khan Khalil Mohmand - August 14, 2008 @ 3:34 am

wow, Excellent it’s really marvelous and unique and stunning images!

Lyn Chan - August 24, 2008 @ 10:53 pm

I just reeeally dun understand u guys, China is doing a great job this time…and no one can ever deny this point..

david - August 30, 2008 @ 4:51 am

i think dubai is a joke of a country. how long will this little sliver of sand in the midst of all this blood be able to survive? and aren’t the skyscrapers being built there just as egotistical as in china or even in the u.s.a?

rajesh n - September 3, 2008 @ 6:35 pm

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